Friday, October 26, 2007


So for my birthday we went to Vegas with the La Cognata's (their anniversary is the same day as my birthday) & the Bennion's (they both have birthday's in October). It was great fun indeed. We got to do a lot of shopping & eating. I LOVE the Cheesecake Factory. There's one home in Cali, but not one in good ol' Utah. Never fear...there is one coming! When you go, get the Avacado Eggrolls....mmm mmm good! We were only there from Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. We didn't have a ton of time & Saturday night was an absolute wind storm! We go to see the Pirate was...well lets say not really for the kids. But I guess if I were a real pirate I would try to get as much booty as I could. We went to FAO Schwarz
it was pretty rad. They had the large piano like in BIG. Kim & I put on a HEROS puppet show. It was pretty good. Yes I am obsessed with Harry Potter...they had loads of Potter stuff. I wanted it all....har har. I am a Harry Potter nerd right now.
All in all the trip was a success & I hope next time Mike can win me some money! Right....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My little PAIN!

I do love my dog...but when he does crap like this
I want to beat him. Good thing he's too darn cute when he knows he's in trouble. Alas I'm typing on a keyboard that has a few letters missing, I'm sure he swallowed them. The good news, we are getting an iMac! I can't wait! It's our early Christmas present to each other! Oh we will be getting a desk to put the computer on as well....this will NOT happen with the iMac!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm 26

So I feel pretty old....I know, I's not really old, but with all my friends married & having kids it makes me feel it you know? Well anyway, I did have a wonderful birthday, it first started with breakfast in bed...made by my amazing husband! It was really yummy! Then I went to work & my work took me out to TGIFriday's & gave me a gift card. (they're pretty nice) Then we had planned a 'birthday dinner' @ Tepanyaki mmmmm.....and lots of awesome friends came! After dinner we went back to our place & had cake & ice cream. I love friends...even friends who I don't see or talk to everyday. You are all great!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cap'n Jack

We got a puppy about 3 months ago. He's a mini Schnauzer & we LOVE him! He was so tiny when we got he's big. Well not too big. We Gave him his first hair cut! It was a HORRIBLE experience! Hair everywhere! Next time we are taking him to a groomer! He's a pretty good dog...knows quite a few tricks too. He's our first born..tee hee hee. We love him LOTS! Our cute little Family :) --------

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lots of fluids & Lots of rest....

So I've been sick for the past 3 weeks. Week 1...the stomach flu, yuck! Week 2...a chest cold/sore throat. Week 3...ear infection. So I finally went to the Doctor. Yes you have an Ear Infection, & yes you have had a cold. Take these & if it doesn't help call me.

It's helped a ear still bugs me. Man...the older I get the more I fall apart. Oh & tomorrow is my birthday...tee hee hee.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Har har har....I thought this one was good too.....

Friday, October 5, 2007

Mike & Brit....

Mike & I met November of 2005 .....We met cause of a friend of mine from California started a band...Mike played bass. We always flirted. I thought he was with someone so I never really thought about dating him. Then one day in April of 2006 Mike, Melissa & Adam came to visit me in Bountiful. We went out to eat & Melissa put Adam in my bed so we could all watch a movie. She happened to fall asleep with him & so Mike & I had a night to ourselves. We had so much fun laughing & watching 'Flight of the Navigator' ha ha...he was so funny & so much fun, he made me laugh more then anyone! I never knew cause he had always been so shy. So from that time we were inseparable! We had SO much fun with each other! I found out that he had always had a crush on me ever since we met. He was always so wonderful & amazing to me. As most of you know I've had A LOT of hard times in my life & Mike has been a dream! He's all I've ever wanted! this is kinda cheesy, but thats how it is! We dated for a while & decided to get married. He was going on tour for a weekend & decided we should do something fun before he left. It was January 31st & I said we should go on a carriage ride in SLC. The best idea I had cause Mike was planning on asking me to marry him that night. So on our little horse drawn carriage ride he got down on one knee & asked me to be his wife! I totally didn't see it coming cause just before or little ride I was giving him crap about not having a ring yet! har har...little did I know....So we took our engagement pictures on the beach in San Clemente & in AF canyon by a fantastic photographer ;)...We got married May 24th 2007. And I FINALLY got my wedding pictures! Here are a few! Mrs. Anna Page is AMAZING! Go check her brilliant work out @