Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th

I know I know...Its been a while since I've got one of these things up here! I've been busy!


My favorite holiday..oh the 4th of JULY. Watermelon, BBQ's, heat, parades, & best of all...fireworks! It came & went, but it was a good day & I got paid for it too! I love that. So My dear husband had to miss out on some of the festivities due to his 'demanding' job. But I survived without him.

It all started with a parade.
I could not believe how many people could fit in Provo. & not to mention how rude they could be. {I'm just saying BYU.} It was my first experience with the Utah County crowd. At a parade that is. But it was a pretty darn good parade. They had balloons,

pirate floats

Me & Averi trying to be pirates!
& even Glenn Beck was there! Kudos Provo...Kudos.
We went to IHOP after to eat breakfast & I took this pictures of Averi & I though it was cute...
After that we went to the Freedom Festival. Which is kinda like a street fair. I bought a water & it was warm. Who sells warm water? Then after a quick nap we went to Mike's Uncle's for a BBQ and a wicked awesome firework show!

I didn't know if they were selling fireworks or what. But his uncle spent $1200 on fireworks...yeah.
It was a pretty good show. Music and all.

My cute mother-in-law Donna yelling at David to let him know that the cops were there! No tickets at least! Oh don't worry...he still had 100 fireworks left!

Even Jack was patriotic.