Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Faves of 2007

These are my favorite pictures of 2007. All taken by my camera....most of them were by me.
January 2oo7-Mike proposed January 31, 2oo7
This was the only picture we got & it was @ my house after we got home.

February 2oo7-Me, Jeanette & Melissa a cold night after we went to The Tavernacle, a piano dueling bar.

March 2oo7-The Jellyfish @ The Living Planet Aquarium

April 2oo7- My favorite man with my favorite team. ANGELS!

May 2oo7- Our wedding day. Me, my Mum & Daddio. I love them!

June 2oo7-HAWAII! Oh...our HONEYMOON too!

July 2oo7- We got our puppy JACK!

August 2oo7-Lake Powell

September 2oo7- Averi LOVES Mike. I took this @ her 2nd birthday party.

October 2oo7- We went to Vegas for my birthday....I wish it was Paris :)

November 2oo7- Jack & Peyton BFF's

December 2oo7- Mike drinking some hot caramel apple cider while we looked @ the lights on Temple Square.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


So this was our first Christmas married. Precious. It was neat. We both had to work Christmas Eve night, sucked for me, rocked for Mike. He always does well @ the little ranch. Then my uncle Alex & Aunt Alicia had us over for some good ol' fashion Argentine food. Nothing better then that! It was wonderful. Empanadas....mmm mmm mmm mmmm! We slept @ the Liechty's @ opened our Christmas eve gift.....pajama's I got 2 sets, one from Mum & Dad & one from in-law Mum & Dad. Then I tried my hardest to sleep & the anticipation was too much, I couldn't sleep. ( actually it was the wind.) Then right after I fell asleep, or so it seems, I get woken up to come open presents! It was 7am. I don't think I've gotten up @ 7am to open presents for like 10 years! Literally. All in all Mike & I got some pretty good loot. A brilliant memory foam mattress topper, some Harry Potter books, tons of movies/ tv series a new, to support the fight of HIV/AIDS, accessories for the Nano, & other wonderful things! Jack had a stocking too... he was WAY excited!

So was Mike
Ok...well he was sick. But we did have a lot of fun with Mike's family!
Then that night Mike's family has a Puerto Rican dinner! This was my first experience with Puerto Rican food & let me tell you it is a delight! It was some of the best food I've ever had! Mike's grandparents cooked it. I can't wait for next year!

We hope you all had a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Love, The Liechty's