Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nerd Alert

I know this is a bit late but I had to put up some pictures...So most of you know & most of you are Twilight fans. So the last book for the 'saga' came out August 2nd. My cute little sister-in-law Aubri {who is 13} & my bro-in-law Jeff & his good friend Kimmie & I all went to the Midnight Breaking Dawn book release party @ Barnes & Orem, UT. They went WAY early to get wristbands. Like 5am.

I showed up a just a little later...with breakfast of course.

I was kinda excited and kinda nervous cause I didn't know what to expect. Well...I guess I did know what to was in Orem & I knew that was probably going to be one of the biggest crowds out there. But I thought it would be interesting. & boy was it...I know we've al learned in the past that vampires were all gothic & stuff. But Stephenie Meyer changed that with her books. But most of the people that came 'in costume' were kinda scary. Plus there were just too many dang people. So you could hardly even move. We did make our own fun...people watching is always a good time.

Luckily the early risers got us some good wristbands & we were in the front of the line.

The line went on & on & on! I'm sure there were a good thousand people in the line. & that was for people who had reserved a copy of the book! There was a whole other line for people who hadn't reserved a copy!

It was pure madness! We tried to occupy our time well. We had movies & books & gameboys...or whatever they are called these days. The ds or something. Anyway...we took pictures too, of course!

We totally didn't plan on matching. So we got our books @ 12:14am. I rushed home to read & read till about 2:30am. Then woke up & read all day & so on. It was a really good ending for me. I loved it. All I have to say is that I want bruises...if you know what I mean ;)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Ahh the pool. I should have been some sort of lifeguard or dolphin trainer. Ever since I was a tot I really did always want to work at Sea world. Should have gone through with that one.....
My dad's community has an AWESOME pool. They have a lake in the middle on the community so the pool over looks the lake. So nice.
We were there about every second we could be.
I think we tried for this picture like 7 times. Jordyn had a hard time :)

The boys played ball....

...of course.
I don't even know how I got this picture.

Why is the sun so bad for you when it looks so good on you?

Monday, August 4, 2008

The ANGELS have my does the BEACH!

Oh the beach. One of the millions of things I miss in California. And then there's the Angels baseball team.
Who are on FIRE right now!!

We went to the beach in the morning with my auntie & her cute cute kiddos! Oh man they are awesome!



Jordan & Thomas

So Lucas would not enter the water at first..then once we made him he wouldn't leave the water! It was so rad! He would hold my hand & Mike's hand...then if a wave splashed him in the eye he would hurry & wipe his face & grab our hand again! He was freaking! He loved it!

Mike's hot!
Oh how I miss the beach...laying out, surfing, the waves, people watching, freezing in the's wonderful!


Something about baseball...I don't know what it is...I think growing up watching it all the time, but I LOVE IT! And I LOVE the ANGELS! So after the beach we rushed over to the Angels game...& I mean rushed! Oh but it was worth it! They were playing the Red Sox. So I was ready for a brawl. We were decked out in our Angels garb.
Isn't it pretty. Every time we go to an Angels game I have to get one thing.

Pink cotten candy! YUM! It was such a killer game too! Oh man we were shutting all those band-wagon Boston fans mouths shut with our home runs & triples!

We got some good photos in while we were cheering our team on to a 11 to 3 VICTORY!

Plus it was BIG BANG FRIDAY! A great way to end a great game! I have to say...California has some AMAZING fireworks! Man the rocked!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


So whilst in CALIFORNIA one of our many adventures was
It was AWESOME! I hadn't been to either of these parks for a while & I forgot how much fun they were! We went on a Thursday so even though it was Summer it wasn't too crowded. I think the longest line we were in was for Indiana Jones & it was like 50 min if that even. If felt like longer. But we all had a fun time. We first went to California Adventure. They have a few fun rides. Those are the ones we went on. Soarin' over California...which is an awesome ride where you are in a theater but flying in a seat...did that make sense?...& you go over California & smell Oranges & the Ocean. It's rad! Then we went on the Hollywood Tower of Terror! This one drops you 13 stories! Most of it's in the dark too! Then we went on California Screamin'
the roller coaster they have there that shoots you out way fast! It's SO fun! & if you know me you know I LOVE coasters!

A little family picture. & no brother is not engaged, he just had a lady friend come down for the weekend.
We went to a place in California Adventure where you can figure out what Disney character you are! It was in the Beasts Library! Oh man how I wish I had a library like this! With real books of course. We all figured out which character we were..
I was Tinker Bell. Mike was Woody. Brooksy was Jiminy Cricket & Nick was Aladdin. Jordyn was The little Mermaid & my dad was Tarzan. My mum was the Queen of Hearts (har har) but she didn't like that so she had a re-do & ended up with Lady from Lady & the tramp. It was pretty cool. So we said our good bye to California Adventure and crossed into Disneyland. Oh the happiest place on earth! It had been a while indeed! It was a lot of fun too! We went on the new SPACE MOUNTAIN ride! It's pretty sweetical! It was all decked out! You have to go try it out! Oh Pirates.... How I love ye! They made new "additions" to Pirates of the Caribbean. There are quite a few Cap'n Jack's in there. I got in trouble for taking these pictures. Apparently the "characters" don't like the flash...yeah, I don't get it either.

My hat was the coolest. Ok..onto the second coolest thing at Disneyland. The TEA CUPS! Oh yeah! Mike didn't want to go fast so Nick and I went together on this one!
I wanted to go as fast as possible! I knew I could count on Nick! We totally kick My dad & Mike's trash! Man it was worth being dizzy for like 10 min! I wanted to go again!

If I had a backyard I would totally have these... We went to visit the Mad Hatter

He made Mike try on a Happy Birthday hat since his birthday was within the next few days. We headed over to the Peter Pan ride. I know you are thinking that this in a tiny top is an AWESOME ride! For reals! Go try it out next time you go! It's pretty cool! You get to ride in a Pirate Ship! We went on a few more rides then we all tried our luck at the Sword in the Stone.

Nick almost had it....

so did Mike.

It was a good time had by all.
Farewell Disneyland

Until we meet again.