Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love to Read.

So I don't know if you've heard but there is this lady or I guess you could call her an author ;) Her name is Stephenie Meyer. She made her debut with the book 'TWILIGHT.' For those of you who have yet to read these books about Vampires and Werewolves, (yes....Werewolves) I highly recommend that you get your butt to whichever bookstore, Wal-mart, or Target & buy them! Or I will let you borrow them. Or I'm sure your friend or co-worker will let you read theirs. Anyway I guess you can say I've become a wee bit if a fan of hers. I admirer her writing & the fact that she graduated from BYU. Her books are awesome. She doesn't throw any unwanted stuff for tweens or teens into them. So kudos to her. She really has it made for herself. She's been of the New York Bestseller List 4 times....oh she has only written 4 books. So 4 out of 4 ain't to bad. I have to admit was a bit hard for me to get into the first book. I was just not into it @ first. And EVERYONE was telling me how much I would LOVE it...I guess I don't like to be told what I will or won't like.....but you all have to read them!!! ha! So I had a bit of a hard time with the first one...then, I got hooked. She traps you in with your excitement & wonder about Bella & these glamourous Vampires. And the second & third books...go by in a flash. Oh and they are making a movie. Check it out.

So anyway what I'm really trying to get at is that I, being the complete nerd I am, went to see Mrs. Meyer @ her book signing for her new book 'THE HOST'.

Which I love more then the whole Twilight series. Yes I do. It's just really, really, good. So Jeanette, Kim & I all got tickets & went to see her. We were amongst many...of ALL ages as well! There were these High School gals sitting in front of us talking of Edward. The one wanted Bella to pick Jacob (the Werewolf) instead of Edward (the Vampire) so Edward would be "available" Jeanette & I looked @ each other as her friend said " you know that Edward is a Fictional character & you couldn't possibly be with him right?" We just laughed. There we "Twilight Moms" there, big ol' groups of people. Mike's cousins even drove down from Evanston, Wyoming to come see her. So we were just a little blrp amongst the canvas of "Twihards."

So Stephenie came in to the pandemonium of screaming girls & a handful of guys & answered a few questions. I just love her sense of humor. She's funny.

But of course when I got up to have her sign my books what do I say.....

me: "thanks for writing such awesome books."
steph: "well thank you for reading them."
me: " well as long as you keep writing them we'll keep reading them."
steph: "thank you"
me: " I hope you hand is going to be ok, you should get a massage...
steph: " yeah...I think they have a masseuse here.
me: "awesome...thank you."

That was it....I couldn't even be myself & say something cool that no one else would have said. Oh well. Stupid me for being star struck. We couldn't even take pictures up close either...I was kinda ticked. I wanted a picture with Stephenie so I could show my children someday. ha! Oh least I have my books.
She really is an awesome person though. Very down to earth, humble & kind. I mean I'm sure she has made millions & she's just as cool as ever. So I hope to be like her when I make my millions! Until that day....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CINCO DE MAYO!!! { a tiny bit late }

So my dear little BFF decided to throw a (girls only) CINCO DE MAYO party at her cute little house in SLC. It was loads of fun with lotsa good food! She makes some of the best darn quesadilla's this side of the boarder! Everyone pitched in some good ol' mexican cuisine. I made some pretty good Pina Coladas too. We all tried to dress as authentic as we possibly could.

We also had a pinata. It was a chili pepper! Apparently it was poorly made cause Jeanette broke it down with her first whack @ the thing!

So we decided to throw it at each other. It worked quite well. Once we got the blasted thing open we got to try the Mexican delicacies. They were different. Not too bad, but different. The suckers were the best.

At least Sindee and I thought so.

All of the senoras....

"Do you even know what a plethora is?"

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Jack had his first birthday on Saturday the 10th. Cute little guy...

So we took him to Petsmart to let him pick out a toy...He got that Alligator. He's been a really good dog since we've had him & pretty darn smart too. So I thought I'd show y'all his tricks. I'm such a proud mum!








We are working on others...but he really is a good, smart dog. He listens really well.

We LOVE him.

{ This is Jack showing that he is '1' }

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Hi I'm May...nice to meet you."

Seriously I woke up the other day to....SNOW! Ahhhh! I was like. "Wait what month is it?" Then I remembered it was my favorite month of them all! MAY! I love May! The flowers, warmth! Not to mention I got married this month! {yes one whole year...yay} Needless to say I'm tired of Utah & it's bipolar weather. Bring on the sunshine!