Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I camped in Moab!

I'm pretty sure it has been raining in Utah for the past, what 3 months? So when we went down to Moab & were CAMPING I was a bit leery. Camping, raining, camping, no showers, holes for toilets...but I went anyway cause I knew I needed to make myself a better/stronger camper. I done myself proud. & all you other campers out there too.

{Me being proud of myself}
So our friend Nathan road his bike from Highland, UT to Moab, UT. All by himself some 214 miles or something like that. Took him 2 days.

{Pretty sure this is how he felt most of the ride}
But we all made it & set up camp, made some camp fire food & talked about life & stuff. Skin walkers were ever brought up...creepy. Even though it rained a bit that night..just a wee bit. I did fine! I had 2 tylenol PM's in me & I slept like a babe!

I'm just glad I had a tent. That morning we decided we would hike. We knew it was going to rain, so we purchased some emergency ponchos just incase. The boys also got some hats.

You know to keep the rain out of their eyes. It helped real good.
We started with the 'Windows' Trail. I hate windows. I'm a Mac. Har.

Nathan's really good at YOGA ladies. That's why he & Mike are in a bromance. It's cute. After the Windows trail we headed over to The Delicate Arch trail. This is the arch you can all see on the Utah license plate. I've now been there twice. {go me.} On our way up we had to have a bit of fun with the boys hats & it seemed perfect that I wore a red hoody.

It a pretty hardy trail & it started to get hot towards the top we were excited to see some sun.

Good thing we brought our emergency ponchos!

It was a thunder & lightning freak show! I was running just to get to the car & I was soaked from the hips down & the elbows down. That's all that crappy poncho was good for. Plus I had to hold the hood up to keep my head dry so the rain was stinging my hands! My feet were all sloshing from running through the river that suddenly appeared from all the rain. It was crazy. I heard kids crying as I rad past them. Even though it was hard to hear through the thunder. We finally made it to the car & got to the Landscape Arch trail just as the storm passed.

So the Landscape Arch was suppose to be the Delicate Arch & vice versa. You can probably tell why, but the switched it on the map & kept it that way ever since. We hiked to other arches this hike & then took the 'Primitive Trail' back. That was a mistake. Well there were lotsa mistakes on this hike. We didn't take water cause we were just going to Landscape first then we just kept going for like 6 miles. No joke! & our shoes were wet with sand in them! It was crazy I tell you.

We hiked about 13 miles that day. 6 without water. We rewarded ourselves with mediocre Mexican food. But it was oh so good at the time! We slept well too! Even though when we got back from our hike our tent was all discombobulated from the storm. It had almost landed in the Colorado River. Thankfully the brush held it from floating away. & thanks to Whitney, Lindsay & Andie for saving it & putting it back together. The next day we packed up camp. & headed out to Canyonlands for a few hours. You need more like a few days to see this place. But we did observe all of it's glory. It was grand.

Isn't it bromantic?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2 lips

Tulip Festival...with sister.

So now that I live right next to Thanksgiving point {literally} I decided I should check out some of the things that go down there. So sister & I went to the Tulip Festival. It was neat. I appreciate flowers. Especially when someone else takes the time to take care of them. I believe I do have a black thumb. I've never been to the gardens there. It's miraculous & huge...

Jordyn thought this one looked like a 'big stick'...which is a popsicle.

This door is my favorite.

They have Segways you can rent so you can ride around the gardens in style. I really wanted one. If you don't know what a Segway is. Go rent Arrested Development. Gob rides around on one. Plus it's the best show ever....well one of them.