Sunday, August 28, 2011

Festival Of Colors

Back in the month of March my sister in law Aubri & I went to throw chalk at each other. It was by far the best & worst experience. I blew a mixture of purple, green, yellow, & red {combined this makes a lovely brown color} out of my nose. And my hair was pink for a while. It was pretty awesome though. I didn't really know what to expect when I got there. As soon as we walked on to the grounds people noticed that we were clean & so they would throw colors on our faces, our hair & the favorite was down our shirts. The festival is to celebrate spring. The colors are usually ground up flower petals, but now that it's so big they use a scented chalk. All in all it's pretty neat. if you have blond hair make sure you wrap it up...unless you want it colored for free.

When I got home Mike asked if we liked "getting baptized by colors. "

Thursday, March 3, 2011

V is for Vegas. sad as it is. I claim this as a Vaca. But I did actually have a bit of fun.
My sister Jordyn went to this thing called 'Caper.'
It's a motivational, hair show, convention. I only saw her about 2 times whilst there. But since she was going to be there my mum & I decided to join her in Vegas. Mum came up a week before & helped me pack the house up & then we drove down together.
Stayed at Bally's...which is nice for their cheap but decent rooms, but the service was horrendous. We asked the guy checking us in what show he recommended & he said 'Jubilee.' Really? You suggest we, 2 females see a topless show? Right.
I think the best part of Vegas...besides the peep the shopping. We also took part in the fake, lame, no one wins, Price is Right. Vegas style baby.
At least my name tag looked official.

Chinese New Year was in full force...

The year of the Rabbit.

For some weird reason we were a tad obsessed with the Eiffel Tower.

Sister & I went up to the was freezing. But quite pretty from up there.

But the real best part was crepes with Kari. Precious pregnant Kari. She looks pretty awesome for 8 months.

Apparently the French stink at taking pictures.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To blog or not to blog....

Let's go back to a year ago. My last post, about Christmas. I think I may have said something like "I'm going to blog more." Yeah. Anyway. I think I may have more time on my hands now that I haven't got my house to keep clean & Mike will be in school. I'll be that loaner in the corner of my in-laws basement. So please come chat with me.
We went from this....
2200 sq feet of unadulterated space.
Now we have this...

& yes that is 'How I Met Your Mother' on the telly. If you haven't watched this tv show. You should.
Don't mind that red wall. It adds 'character.'