Monday, April 7, 2008

The GRANDEST of Canyons

We finally made it down to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.

The GRAND CANYON in all of it's glory!

It was pretty spectacular! We started off on our journey on Wednesday night....

We had to drop off an oven Mike sold on ebay. After that we found our way to Kanab & stayed the night in Aikens Lodge. We didn't know what to expect. But in the morning we saw Kanab & how cool the little city was.

Then alas...on our way to see our good friends Cam & Bethany! It took us a few hours to get to Mesa, but we made it! Along the way we had the essential snacks for a road trip....Corn Nuts, Funyuns, & lots of yummy candy!

I pretended I was a photographer & took pictures of the interesting things we saw along our way...

Lotsa bugs hit your windshield on roadtrips...I just thought this one had pretty guts.

Finally we made it to Mesa & met up with Cam, Bethany, their cute baby Haylee & Buster...their dog!

We had such a busy day...we got to Mesa & talked with Cam & Bethany, then we had to make it to a wedding!

My beautiful friend Alli got married & I was so happy to be there...even though I didn't get to hug her guts out! :) She looked amazing & happy! Plus I got to see her brother Travis & sister-in-law Rachel that I haven't seen forever! It was super nice to catch up with them! Their family has grown so much & they are all so cute! Plus my friend Anna Page
took Allie's pictures! So we got to chill with them too!
Then after the wedding we went out for SUSHI! Mike's dad was in town so he got to come!

Then we said 'goodbye' to the Comerfords.

I didn't want to leave. Not only because I was scared out of my mind to go camp, but I miss my friends & rarely get to see them. But alas we went our way... & again I took pictures! The cactus were HUGE! & so cool looking....
& after about 4 hours we finally made it! The GRAND CANYON! And the first look of it took my breath away...

Really the pictures don't do it justice! It was so awesome! I could have just sat & looked at it for hours!

Anna & Jonathan met us up there so it was even better!

So again we had to leave our friends & go set up camp. Ok folks...lets talk about camping. As most of you know...I come from California. I grew up with bon fires on the beach & swimming with the fish. We never...& I mean NEVER went camping! I don't even think I knew what it was until I moved up here! So when Mike said "we can camp." I though...I guess I could try that out. I mean I did it with the young women a while wasn't too bad. I slept in a truck. So we decided to camp. Mike LOVES camping. We got a tent for our wedding & he has been dying to use it! So I tried my hardest. We set up camp...

and had a camp was FREEZING!! It got to be like 25-30 degrees at night! I don't do well with the when we went to bed I tried my hardest to fall asleep knowing I only had a thin piece of flammable material between me & the wildlife. So through out the night I woke up & woke Mike up cause I "heard something." It was the wind. I tried to fall back asleep & finally put my ipod in fell asleep for like an hour! But I made it!!!

Even if I did only get like 5 hours of sleep. So then Mike & I decided to go on a hike...we went down the Bright Angel Trail. Not even half way was a 7.5 mile hike & they recommend not to go in one day! So we went 3 miles down...down was easy...I could have kept going. But then I remembered that we would have to go all the way back UP!
This was only half way...but we made a friend along the way.

We named him Melvin. He had NO FEAR! Mike was just sitting there eating & Melvin tried to take his chip right out of his hand! It was pretty rad. We had a good 6 mile hike

but man was it a tough one!
I kinda had a melt down the night after the hike...I think it was due to lack of sleep & the 6 mile hike. I could camp another night. So my sweet, sweet husband took me to a hotel. I'm a spoiled brat....
So we said goodbye to the Grand Canyon & went on our way up to Page, AZ. The next morning we hiked to this.

Horseshoe Bend

It was really cool.

Mike thought of jumping after all I put him through :)I love him...he didn't jump. We had a pretty fun trip. Arizona was good to us. I'm pretty sure we'll go back.