Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Faves-January 2009

Well hello new year. Let's see if we are going to be friends. (even if it's april...I'm WAY behind.)

Eric Hutchinson-Sounds Like This- So I went to his concert this month & I'm not going to lie...he was even better then I thought. I just kinda found him by accident & got his album & fell in LOVE with it. {and him} I have a thing for dorky guys I guess. But he was about the nicest musician I've meet. Yes, I did meet him. The picture is below. Fave song-Outside Villanova.

P90X- So we got the videos. No I haven't done the whole thing yet, but by golly I love me some Tony Horton. He is ripped & pushes me. My Faves of his disks are...YOGA X, KEMPO X, CARDIO X, & AB RIPPER X. They leave you sore & tired. If I ever do the full 90 days I promise I will post my before & after pictures. 

Photo shoots by Nathan Evans- So I guess I should let you all know that somedays I wish I was a model. I know I'm not tall enough or thin enough...but it's fun to dress in clothes & get all done up. I would do it everyday in exotic places. But I took these photos with Nathan to help a friend. She should have won. 

Green Tea- So it has been FREEZING this winter. I hate being cold. So every morning I make myself a hot thermos of green tea with some Splenda. It really helps with the cold mornings. Although it does make my teeth a bit stained. Good thing I can get whitening bleach whenever I need it. 

Writing- When it's cold out I don't like to go out....I don't do all those snow activities. So I keep myself busy by writing. Nothing better then to keep your mind active.  It soothes me. Plus I got a rad journal for Christmas.