Friday, February 6, 2009

My Faves.... DECEMBER 2008

PHOENIX-It's Never Been Like That- Just heard about these guys not too long ago and finally gave them a listen. Love this album. It's really really good & different too. They are from Paris, France. Must be why I love em.  

DIRTY JOBS- Ok. I have the BIGGEST crush on Mike Rowe. He is on my top 5 for sure! May even be top 3. But his show makes me laugh & want to puke all @ the same time...not even because I'm laughing so hard. It makes me wish I had a dirty enough job so he can come get dirty with me. 

M.A.C.- Not to be confused with Apple which I also LOVE. These cosmetics are superb. I just recently got into this part of glam & boy do these eye shadows make you feel chic! One day I hope to have as many colors as Kim. 

BJ'S RESTAURANT- The best pizza EVER! Whilst in California we went here. We always have to go cause I'm obsessed with this pizza! It's deep dish pizza & I always get it with pineapple! Plus they have PIZOOKIES!  Bring on the calories! 

ELF- Could Will Ferrell be any better then this? A human raised by elves?! This may be the best Christmas show ever. Next to A Christmas Story of course. But I love Buddy the elf & the cotton-headed-ninny-muggins he is. So if I ever answer the phone, "Buffy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" You'll know what I'm watching!