Saturday, November 15, 2008

I know...I know....

So I ran into my dear friend Aly on Thursday night {randomly @ the glorious Cheesecake Factory, Aly it was good to see you & yours, he's a fine one he is!} & she shamed me into reuniting with my long lost friend...Blog. Blog & I had some kinds went like this:

Dear Blog,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. I know you must be crazy upset with me cause you see me on this, your brother the computer, all the time & wonder why I never come to visit you. Please don't be jealous of him, It's my bad, not his, & I know how much I must have hurt you. I've been starving you of words & pictures. I'm a deadbeat mum & I WILL make it up to you. It's partially your sister, the internet's fault. She has not been cooperating with me this past month & it's hard to get her to upload things. You can take it out on her. I won't tell. She is in one of those "moods" I guess. You really have been the only one who can talk to her. Well I will be writing much more please accept my apology. I do love you much. I'm going to write the longest blog ever!


So I went to a Halloween Party. Mike didn't wanna go. So I went with some friends. I was the witch from The Wizard of Oz. {the one with the RED shoes...I don't know her name. I'm not very original.}

It was a party for my friend who is now in Costa Rica working in an Orphanage. She is only like 19. So yeah...Mollie & I were the oldest ones there. It was awesome. Jail bait everywhere.


I'm the one in the front with the curly case you didn't go to high school with me.

Oh man these were fun. I can remember everyone in this picture except the 2 guys in the wife beaters & the guy behind them with his face painted. I think they just jumped in our picture? Maybe...2 look familiar. Anyway. That was a fun picture. I looked good. I'm surprised I had dates in High School.

We all went with Mike's family on the Heber Creeper. It was pretty funny. I tend to stay away from totally scary The Grudge. I hate when I can't sleep cause I think something is going to come out of my bed & kill me. But the Heber Creeper was perfect. I think I laughed through the whole thing. But it's for the kiddo's right.

Also since we've last blogged it was my birthday. I'm getting old. By the way what did you get me blog? Fine...I'll let it slide since I've neglected you.

Birthday dinner @ YAPONA { I LOVE SUSHI} I think I could eat it every day...nay, I know I could.

I got some good garb for my birthday. Husbands are good at are brothers. In fact I got a cute little camera. It's tiny. I love it.

My lady friends took me & Sindee {her birthday is in October too} out for dinner. It was divine.

This is a good group of ladies. I love em.

Until next time Blog. Which will be soon....Thanksgiving is coming up. Oh & I got a new car! I shall blog about that next Blog! So many little time.