Friday, November 2, 2007


So Halloween night Mike had to work so I was alone to try & fend off the tricks & treats. I had one....yes 1 trick-or-treater & it was Averi, (my friends daughter). It was not as hard as I thought it would be. So I left with them & went to our wards Trunk-or-Treat. I couldn't believe how much candy she got from walking around the parking lot. Back in my day we would have had to walk at least 2 miles to get all that good stuff. Next thing we know kids will be trick-or-treating over the internet & we'll have to give them money from our Paypal accounts so they can go buy the candy they want. Kids these days. Anyway...the Saturday before Halloween we went to Mike's parents ward's Halloween Carnival. I was a cowgirl (very creative). Mike, of course, was @ work & I was watching his cousin Victoria. So my good friend Kim let Tori borrow her daughters ballet costume. She looked pretty cute. We went with the La Cognata's and had some good clean fun. I felt like a mom. It was really good birth control for me. Oh & Jack was Toto cause Averi was Dorothy!


Dari said...

I love the one where Averi and Jack are about to kiss :)

Netti said...

Ha ha ha, you crack me up, trick or treating over the internet with our paypal accounts, me thinks you are correct in this assumption. Averi and Jack are such great pals *ahem* I mean Dorothy and Toto.

PS. Cowboy up.