Friday, January 8, 2010

I think I have something called a blog....

Perhaps a good resolution would be to update my blog at least once a month? Or even look at my friends blogs....come on me. sheesh.
I guess I'll start with my mum's wedding in August. Yeah...she got re-married to a real nice fireman named Russ. They got married in the Redlands temple in California. A dear friend Kristin Fuller took my mum's pictures if you'd like to see a few

the new family all together...well minus one of Russ' kiddos. Yep..I have 4 new halfers. We'll just say Christmas was different this year.

Now onto SEPTEMBER....
All I have to say about it is National Talk like a Pirate Day is the best & you all better be at the party next year so help me.
We had a flipping pinata....& if you don't come I'll go Barbosa on you.

The month of my birth...OCTOBER.
I had a birthday. Bought myself some good stuff & Michael being the gem he is wrapped it for me.
Clinton Kelly (from What Not To Wear. ) Tweeted to me. Pretty much the BEST birthday present.

& I got a cookie dough ice cream cake. Help me.

We also got to go to the wonderful Cornbelly's maze. We went with, who my sister now named the 'Log's' aka La Cognatas. It was cold but fun. I've never before been to a corn maze & now that I live literally right behind one I though I should try it out.

Of course there was pumpkin carving.

And some costumes perhaps....

With one of my favorite holiday's. Thanksgiving. Why? You may ask....well it's because of the food. Yes it's dynamite. I love it all. Bring it on. Thanksgiving was held here...

In freezing cold, but beautiful Bear Lake. Oh & that was just one of the 3 houses we got. Yeah...we're that pimp.

So December was an interesting month. I lost my dear Grandpa Daniel. It was rough. It was the first real loss I've ever experienced. So I flew down on a stand-by ticket that my dove of a friend Becc a got me & we had a service on the beach in San Clemente, Ca. It was a beautiful sunny day & he would have loved it. We poured his ashes off the pier. The same pier the he would take me as a kid to feed the pigeons & walk up & down to see who caught what & look out his binoculars to see if we could see Catalina Island. Then we went to his favorite restaurant in Dana Point that over looked the harbor & had a wonderful lunch. I bawled like a baby. He fought in WW2 & was a lawyer. Had 6 kids, loved his liquor & his family. He helped me buy my first car & made me laugh. Usually he was making fun of me...but still. He taught me to laugh at myself.

They were so hot on their wedding day.

So after I finally made it back home. Worked 2 days. We packed the car & drove down for Christmas. It was good. We got together with my dad's side of the family & my mum's side of the family. Oh and my soon to be new Aunt Melinda & my Uncle Herb gave us 2 lotto tickets & we won $20 bucks. WOOT!! Christmas in SoCal is the BEST!

Now onto my mum's side......

Mike getting his very first Chiropractic adjustment from my Uncle Paul.

Well it really has been a good few months. And I REALLY am going to be better at doing this blog this year or I'm calling it quits. Also I'm going to look at all of your blogs too. Sorry friends. I am still here. Really. I am. And I love you all. Hope you had a fantastic New Year. Here is a picture from the party I went to. It was pretty fun. even if I felt too old to be there.

Have a dynamite 2010 everyone.


Netti said...

I love so much when you blog! I hope ye don't call it quits cause you really are an entertaining blogger my dear.

Your grandpa sounds like a gem of a man!!:( And I am ever so sorry for your loss.

Love you! Let's make some memories togetha in 2010. Yes? yes.

Dana said...

Aww, Brit! I've MISSED YOU girl!!! Thank you for the update. I loved hearing about everything you've been up to, it's been waaay too long since I've seen your smiling face :( We need to hang out. I loved all the pics, but I have to say, I loved your post about your Grandpa the most... :) It made me cry :) Why? Maybe cause I'm pregnant and I cry over everything, maybe not :) Really though, he sounded like a wonderful man, such wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing that. Your heart is gold friend :)

Jess said...

Brit your blog is great! Sounds like all is going well -- glad to hear it. Now just keep posting :)

melanie said...

brit! i'm happy you are returning to the blogging world! i've missed you! (i'm not much better though) i'm sorry about your grandpa. that sucks. i'm glad that everything else seems to be ging good for you. you look great!

kate said...

your life looks like the funnest life! :) and you and your family should all be models.

so sorry to hear about your grandpa. he sounds wonderful.

Scottkids said...

Holy smokes, it's about time!!! Looks like you have had lots of fun the last few months!!! I still LOVE your hair!

We really need to have another girl's night! Like SERIOUSLY!!!! I really miss you! I love you!