Friday, March 21, 2008


So I finally brought myself to get glasses. I guess it was the fact that I had a MAJOR headache that lasted for about 5 days. No joke...I tried everything! 4 Ibuprofen, Chiropractor visits, Excedrin tension headache, I even went to the doctor to see if I had a brain aneurysm { I watch Eli Stone too much, plus I went to WebMD.} No brain aneurysm, possible migraine. After all that I finally made an appointment to get me some seeing eye glasses.

NOTE: have you ever seen the FRIENDS episode where Rachel has to go to the eye doctor & has to put eye drops in her eye?

That's totally me! Ask Mike...he has to pin me down when I have allergies & need eye drops. Man I hate things going into my eye. I can't even see someone touch their eye. So I couldn't even imagine putting some foreign object into my eye {contacts} So it took me a while to find some glasses I liked. But I found some.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jack is Crazy

I'm a tiny bit obsessed with my dog. We don't have a child yet & so I take pictures of my dog. Probably way too often. But I love the little crapper. friend Kim's daughter...& Jack have a love hate relationship. The other day Averi was over & I was 'play' fighting with Jack, Averi said "Don't hurt him, he's my best friend!" Yet when Jack becomes his protective self he growls @ her. Then they'll play & play too. It's strange. But she'll always tell us that "Jack is crazy." We live just across the 'courtyard' from Averi & so her & Jack will stare @ each other out the windows. But even if Jack isn't staring @ Averi then he's just looking @ nothing. He longs to be outside & I feel bad for the little chap. We don't have a backyard so he is a prisoner in his own home.

But he has toys that he demolishes!

Almost every toy that has stuffing is limp now. And he LOVES a good ball to play with. He really is spoiled.

We love him.